Mary Peters Trust 200 Club Lottery

Time: 12:28PM
Date: June 7th 2017
Location: Anywhere and Everywhere!

The Mary Peters Trust 200 club is a private lottery and is open to all who are interested in entering for a period of 12 months. By joining the 200 Club you can help support our services as well as having a chance to win £350 every month​
Only £5 per month to enter
Limited to first 200 applicants
For further information contact Gillian by email on or by telephone on 028 9068 6730

Mary Peters Trust 200 Club Rules 
1. The object of the 200 Club is to raise funds for Mary Peters Trust. 
2. The cost of membership is £5 per month for 12 months or £60 per year. 
3. Each member will be allocated a unique number between 1 and 200 for each application received.
4. A draw will take place on the last week of each calendar month. The draw will be held in our offices at 54 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast on the last Thursday of each month. 
5. Each draw will be overseen by an independent observer. 
6. One prize will be awarded each month to the sum of £350. The first number drawn will receive the prize. 
7. Winners will be notified each month. 
8. A list of all winners will be published each year. 
9. Registers will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them. 
10. 35% of the income from membership subscriptions will be paid out in prizes each year.