Applicant Terms & Conditions

1A. If an award is made to me by the Trust,I will allow my name, photograph, achievements and details of my award to be published on the Trusts website and other social media outlets. If requested I will give interviews to the press and undertake to keep the Trust updated on my progress and achievements. *my address will not be published.

1B. I consent to the Trust keeping my personal details as part of the Trust Alumni.

2.If I am under 18 years of age I must be accompanied to interviews by a parent or guardian aged over 21 years.

3. Make It Happen and Dale Farm only – If I am injured, subsequent to my application, I must inform the Trust of the nature and long term effect of my injury on my participation in my training and my competitions. The Directors will exercise their discretion in consultation with ‘Make It Happen’ and ‘Dale Farm’ as to whether the full award or any payment of any part of the award is made.

4.Any action or behaviour on my part which would bring the Trust into disrepute will result in my award being suspended pending investigations by the Directors.

5.Any award made to me by the Trust will be withdrawn if the Directors believe, subsequent to their investigations, the reputation of the Trust is at risk.

6.The Trust will recover any monies awarded to me if the Trusts Directors consider my actions or behaviour incompatible with the aims of my sport or the Trust. The Trust is wholly reliant on the goodwill and donations from the public and actions which would impact negatively on the good work of the Trust and affect donations to benefit other athletes are unacceptable.

7.I accept if an award is made to me, the award monies must be used by me in the furtherance of my training and gaining experience to maximise my potential in my sport.

8. Consent Clause – If the applicant receives an award from the Trust it will be paid to the applicant unless the applicant consents in writing (to be forwarded to the Trust before payment of any award) to the payment of the award to the Governing Body.

9.These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the application form and no variation of either is permitted.

10. No contract, express or implied, is created between the Trust and the applicant when the application form is submitted to the Trust.

The recipients parent or guardian, if the recipient is under 18, should sign the application form.

Electronic Signature Agreement. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this agreement. In signing this agreement you have accepted the Trusts Terms and Conditions.