Criteria for consideration of application for awards

1. Purpose To financially assist talented individuals from Ulster in respect of their preparation, development, training and competition in sporting activities recognised by the Trust or by organizations who have appointed the Trust as their representative.

2. Criteria Those competitors of proven ability at junior and senior levels whose standing judged against World, British and Irish standards indicates the potential to compete with credit at national level, international, with distinction in British and Irish Championships.

3. Budget

3.1 The Directors, on the advice of the Trusts Finance Director, will allocate a maximum budget for each awards meeting.

3.2 Not all individuals who meet the criteria will receive awards due to the limited budget available to the Directors.

4. Eligibility

4.1 Competitors in sports recognised by the Trust are eligible for consideration for awards. These competitors must be affiliated to Governing Bodies recognised by Sport NI or Sport Ireland (recognised by Sport NI listing) Recognised-Governing-Bodies.pdf

4.2 Applicants must be aged 12 and over other than in exceptional circumstances which will be considered at the discretion of the Directors.

4.3 Applications will not be considered if they are received after the closing date other than in exceptional circumstances which will be considered at the discretion of the directors.

4.4 In team sports, applications must be submitted for individuals based on the potential and need of each team member.

4.5 Applications from individuals competing in Seniors or Veterans events will not be eligible for consideration - other than in exceptional circumstances which will be considered at the discretion of the Directors.

4.6 Recipients of awards must report the result of their targeted event to the Trust and/or Social Media and acknowledge the financial contribution of the Trust.

5. Procedure

5.1 Applications should be submitted through the website.

5.2a If an application is submitted to the Trust for an award, the Applicant will be considered to have accepted the terms and conditions set out in this document.
5.2b If the Applicant is under 18, details of a Parent/ Guardian must be supplied( Name, address ,email, telephone number and relationship to the Applicant).The Parent /Guardian will be considered to have approved the application and accepted the terms and conditions of the Trust.

5.3 The governing body report must be signed by the nominated officer of the governing body who will liaise with the Trust and ensure that funds are administered in accordance with the submitted programme, or returned to the Trust.

5.4 The award must be used in accordance with the targeted event detailed by the applicant and governing body in the application form.

5.5 The closing date for receipt of applications with governing body reports, recommendations and ranking lists to be considered at Award Team Meetings will be advised to Governing Bodies on an annual basis.

5.6 All decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Directors of the Trust.

6 Role of Governing Body Nominated Officers

6.1 Applications from each sport will be considered by the Trust at one of the two meetings notified with the governing body. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Trust look at an application outside their agreed meeting.

6.2 Applications must be submitted on the approved application form.

6.3 The governing body of each sport, through the nominated officer, must submit written comment in support of applications coming forward for consideration. These comments should be designed to inform the Award Team of the applicant’s ability, potential, need and commitment in relation to the criteria.

6.4 A high performance / elite coach or development officer may write the Governing Body report. The nominated officer must sign the form.

6.5 Nominated officers should be aware that the applicant’s potential and need are very important considerations.

6.6 All governing bodies including team sports must submit priority and ranking lists for their various squads to ensure that the limited funds available are allocated to the best advantage within each sport.

6.7 Governing bodies are asked to support the Trust by ensuring maximum Publicity for the award and the work of the Trust.