Criteria for GLL Awards

Purpose To financially assist talented individuals in respect of preparation, training and competition in sporting activities recognised by the Trust.

Criteria Those competitors of proven ability at junior and senior levels whose standing judged against World, British and Irish standards indicates potential to compete with credit at international level or with distinction in British and Irish Championships.

Eligibility These competitors must be affiliated to Sporting Governing Bodies recognised by Sport NI and reside in the Belfast City Council area. Applicants must be aged 12 and over

Applications must be submitted online at, completed in full and submitted before the closing date. Following receipt of the completed application form, the sporting governing body will be contacted by The Mary Peters Trust and asked to indicate if they support the application. If supported, a written submission will be required from the Governing Body commenting on each application. These comments should be designed to inform the Award Team of the applicant’s ability, potential, need and commitment in relation to the above criteria.

All decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Trust.

It should be noted that not all individuals who meet the criteria will receive awards due to the limited finance available for distribution