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Hello and welcome to the Sports Inspire Podcast — a new series in collaboration with The Mary Peters Trust and the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund.

Each episode will give you the chance to listen-in on conversations with Northern Ireland’s incredible sports men and women on the topics of performance, mental health and life after sport.

Episode 2 – Katie Mullan

Episode Preview

Welcome to Sport Inspires, a podcast recorded with the Mary Peters Trust and made possible by the Coca-cola Thank you Fund. 
Today’s episode is with Irish Hockey Captain Katie Mullan, the Coleraine player leading the team to their first-ever Olympic Games.
Along the way Gold Medalist Lady Mary Peters and podcast host Matthew Thompson ask about:
  • The role team spirit has played in their success
  • What it was like to win a silver medal in the world cup while being ranked 15th
  • And how they’ve been training through lockdown to become the first women’s team in history to take home an Olympic medal in just a few weeks times.


Episode 1 – Rhys McClenaghan

Episode Preview

Our first episode is a double-whammy, featuring a conversation with Gold-Medalist Lady Mary Peters and an interview with 21-year-old Gymnast Rhys McClenaghan who is competing in his first Olympic Games this summer. 

Sports Inspire is a Best Of Belfast Production and our theme music is Go For Gold by Spring Gang. 

Special thanks to Stephen Watson who kindly hosted the Rhys interview featured in this episode.


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